What are Rolled Canvas Prints?

What are Rolled Canvas Prints?

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A rolled canvas print is one of the most popular ways to get framed art. It is a super way to display, store and protect your artwork. Often, a rolled canvas print comprises several elements in one frame.

It comprises cotton or linen material merged and stretched on a metal frame to create beautiful artwork. The frame can come from wood or metal, depending on the artwork's desired aesthetic appeal and size.

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Rolled canvas prints allow one to create art that is portable and easy to store. They are also perfect for framing and hanging on the wall. This method of creating art can be done in various ways, so there is something for everyone.

Features of Rolled Canvas Prints

Made of Special Material

Rolled canvas prints are made from canvas material stretched onto wooden frames. The canvas frames are then painted with a special paint that adds colour to the surface of the canvas. Such allows you to create a unique piece of art that complements any other home artwork.

There are many different materials used for rolled canvas prints. These include acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolours, and chalkboard paint. You can choose whichever material best suits your needs and style preferences.

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One can make canvas from cotton, linen, or polyester, depending on the printing method used. Linen canvas has a more natural feel, while cotton is softer but absorbs more light than linen. 

Polyester can be stiffer than either of these materials and does not require framing to hang straight, although this can help prevent warping.


Canvas prints are a versatile way to display your art. They can be useful in homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels. You can also use them around the house or office to create an elegant look.

You can customise the look of your print with colour options. Also, one can choose from over 100 colours when ordering rolled canvas prints, which means you can create a look that matches your decor perfectly!

You will select from various textures such as satin, shimmer, or matte. Still, you may also choose from several different frames that match the style of your decor. 

If you are looking for something more original, consider framing your photo with a border or mat instead of using a frame.

Choose a colour that will be easy on the eyes and not distract from the image itself. The colour should also match well with other pieces in your home decor—for example, white or black with other neutrals like brown or grey.

Lightweight and Portable


Rolled Canvas is a lightweight, portable option for printing your favourite photos, art, or designs. The result is a product that is easy to transport and use in any environment.

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When you purchase a rolled canvas, it comes in one piece, making it easier to transport it from one place to another. You can easily fold up your canvas and put it in a bag or even in the back pocket of your jeans to take with you wherever you go. 

As such, this saves time and money because there is no need for extra packaging when transporting your artwork.

Comes in Different Sizes


Canvas prints come in various sizes, so there's something available for every room in your home or office! Opt for an 8 x 10 print if you have extra-large wall space! The options are endless with canvas art prints!

If you are shopping for a large canvas, make sure it is big enough to fit your work. When shopping online, check the frame dimensions when there is one available.

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The best thing about canvas prints is that you can choose from various sizes depending on what you want to display. Some are available in smaller sizes, such as 8 x 10 inches, 11 x 14 inches, and 16 x 20 inches, as well as larger sizes like 24 x 30 inches and 36 x 48 inches.

When choosing which size you want, remember that larger sizes cost more than smaller ones, but they look great when framed! You can also decide if you want your canvas print framed or unframed so that you can hang it exactly where you want it!


In conclusion, rolled canvases are an easy way to display your art in any room. The back of the canvas is a little rough but nothing that can't be fixed with some strategically placed furniture or plants. 

In terms of the features, rolled canvas prints blend quite well with natural and urban settings. So no matter which room you will be hanging them in, your rolled canvas print will never fail to impress anyone with its elegance and style.

Every artist gets cornered by the question of how to display their work, and since the rolled canvas is a new way, it can be a great addition to your art gallery.

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