6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Canvas Print

6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Canvas Print

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Canvas prints are the best piece of art you can have in your home and office. They make it easy for you to bring back to life the lost memories by showcasing some of your travel and college photos in style. 

However, when buying the best quality canvas prints for your home, you want to ensure you make the right choice.

So, what should you consider most when you're choosing a canvas for your home? Should you consider the price, fabric, design, appearance, or image quality? Or maybe the kind of orientation you want? 

All these factors are crucial when making that move to have a canvas print, but still, there are other boxes you must tick before landing your ideal canvas print.

Here are the top things to consider before buying a canvas print:

1 - Picture Resolution

When you shop for the best quality canvas print, you should consider the picture resolution.  

The canvas print quality depends on the size of the photo printed. It is also directly linked to the size of frame you chose for the image. You will need a high-resolution image for larger canvas prints to get the best results.

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When choosing an image for your canvas prints, you should avoid images lower than 250 KB. For any resolutions below 460 x 310 pixels, the canvas of size 8 x 8 or 8 x 12 inches is not likely to blurry the image.

2 - Print Theme

When choosing a canvas print for your home or office, you should have a print theme in mind.  

The theme you opt for should always match your taste and preference.  

Nowadays, there is an endless option of canvas designs in the market, and that means you should always take time when choosing your ideal one.

You don't want to just go for a canvas print because it's on the trend. For instance, if you are not a fan of abstract art, you shouldn't buy it because it's in fashion.  

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You should choose a print that you believe will keep the mood in your living room alive for years to come.

Get a canvas print that will continuously inspire you and bring out positive vibes and emotions in your home.  

You can take your favourite picture and simply convert it into a piece of art for your home décor. 

There are lots of filters that can make your photos appear as you want them to.

3- Print Style 

The canvas print style is another factor you want to consider most if you shop for the best quality piece of art. 

Most canvas print buyers are mostly looking for prints with a single image on them. That is okay. But there are some factors you want to look into before placing your order.

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Some prefer using a photo editing program like Photoshop to create an image collage and print a single canvas with many pictures. You can do this for your newborn photos and your favourite wedding. 

Alternatively, you can have multiple canvases printed that are created to fit the same image or a single image that is displayed across multiple prints. These are usually meant for hanging side by side.

4 – The Composition 

When shopping for the best canvas prints, you also want to consider the image's quality and composition. This takes centre stage in a situation where you're using the canvas print as simple wall art. 

The image composition can play a big role in how the canvas prints enrich your living space. 

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For instance, a photo that utilises leading lines to draw a person's attention can always be more attention-grabbing and add more depth to your space. 

With this kind of image, you can easily bring out a 3D effect and change the mood in your living room.

5 – Canvas As Décor 

Another factor you want to consider most when buying a canvas print is whether you need it as décor or just a piece to portray your photos. 

Now, no matter what reason you may have for buying a canvas print, you will use it as a décor for your living space. 

Therefore, it is wise that you re-examine the aesthetics of the print and what location you want to place it. 

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When choosing a canvas for décor, there are many factors you should look into. 

Choose your canvas prints using a colour scheme to find colours that match easily. 

You can also choose a canvas print with a colour that matches your wall or choose a pop of colour. 

6- What Does The Image Mean? 

A picture is worth a thousand words. When you choose a canvas print, you want to be more careful about the kind of image you have on it. It means the image you choose should be able to display the information or theme you intend to pass to your visitors. 

Most people prefer family photos on canvas prints. However, choosing an ideal image will depend on your taste and what message you want to convey. 

Another idea is showcasing travel photos – these will always remind you of how far you've gone and, in most cases, refresh your memories when you look at them.

Final Thoughts 

Canvas prints are the best décor you can have for your home or office. They give you the chance to beautify your living room, showcase your personality, create a theme in your dining, and refresh your memories in every piece of art you have on the wall.

When choosing your ideal canvas prints, you want to consider image quality, theme, composition, and print style. A good canvas print should be able to change the mood in your living room while still sending the intended message to your visitors.

If you are shopping for a high-quality canvas print, make price the last thing you consider the 

most. Always consider these six factors the next time you buy a canvas print.

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