Level Up Your Gifting Game: How to Choose the Perfect Personalised Present

Level Up Your Gifting Game: How to Choose the Perfect Personalised Present

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Whether it's a parent who owns everything they need or a partner with a particular taste, we all have that one person who seems impossible to buy for!

Personalised gifts are an excellent solution.

From a beautiful piece of photo art bringing a favourite family holiday back to life or a unique printed blanket to snuggle up with a never-forgotten pet, personal presents mean a great deal.

As a bonus, you don't need to let on that they only take a couple of minutes to design through the Personal Canvas Prints customisation tools!

Here we'll run through some gift suggestions for your recipients, who will be blown away by the thought and care that's gone into creating something designed truly just for them.

Custom Canvas Prints for Parents, Grandparents and In-Laws

Parents and grandparents can never have too many photos, and a bespoke artwork featuring their dearest family members is a fantastic present idea!

 If they have lots of fine art adorning their walls already, you can opt for a vast range of custom prints, each easy to design and offering the same quality and image sharpness you expect:

  • Bath towels and mats are great gifts for a parent who loves a long bubbly soak.
  • Coasters are ideal for hosts and families that love entertaining.
  • Printed blankets work equally well for children and adults.
  • Printed kitchen towels are perfect for keen chefs and bakers.

Remember that you don't need to take a new family photograph to make their day!

Some of our most memorable custom print projects include snaps of days gone by, weddings to remember, silly kids, and pets that have long passed over the rainbow bridge.

Personalised Presents for Colleagues and Co-workers

Another challenging present-buying task is when you need to purchase something meaningful for someone you don't know terribly well.

 That might be a secret Santa, a wedding present for a partner's family member, or a birthday gift for a new acquaintance that you'd like to appreciate your gift.

 Personalised canvas prints work amazingly well and capture a massive range of digital images and photos that will impress any lucky recipient!

 It's also an opportunity to think about the person's interests and hobbies, and perhaps choose a royalty-free image that you know will make them smile if you don't have a photo to hand that captures a great moment!

Here are some ideas to help inspire your design:

  • Initial letters are an easy solution, and you can find millions of royalty-free graphics in a massive range of designs, from classical to graffiti. A set of bespoke coasters with someone's initials is personal yet straightforward.
  • Landscapes of cherished places evoke happy memories and are great for celebratory gifts. Think about a custom towel with a person's hometown, best holiday destination, or dream place to live, and you're onto a winner!
  • Animals or characters are also easy to find, so if you have a colleague who is passionate about wild birds, as an example, you could design them a unique set of printed placemats that they'll want to use every day.

Thinking a little creatively opens up a world of possibilities without limits on the images or designs you can create.

Try out a few ideas through our user-friendly upload tool, and you can play around with layouts and colours to see what works best!

Designing Bespoke Sustainable Wall Art Gifts

Sustainability is a huge consideration when purchasing any consumer item.

 If you are looking for an authentically personal gift for an eco-conscious friend, it will mean a lot that you've thought about the items they'll want to display in their home.

 Custom art is a brilliant option, with natural materials and craftsmanship that mean you aren't buying generic mass-produced products that often end up contributing to landfill.

 Framed photos are an excellent choice, with our customised prints available in stunning resolutions in either 12 x 12-inch or 18 x 18-inch frames depending on whether you're aiming for striking yet subtle or a statement piece.

 Natural wood frames, built by hand by one of our professional team, are a sustainable bespoke gift choice, with every item printed and constructed right here in the UK.

Our framed photo prints are always crafted with high-impact resistant acrylic glass for a durable finish that will last for years to come.

Creating Funny Personalised Presents for Special Friends

Finally, let's talk about the impact of a present that makes you laugh until your cheeks ache - it's a brilliant feeling for everyone, and means you know you've found an excellent gift choice!

 Here at Personal Canvas Prints, we produce individual canvas prints and poster art ranging from classically elegant wedding photography to gloriously silly designs.

 If you're stuck purchasing a present for someone who makes you smile, and you wish to return the favour, there are countless ways to create something joyful.

 Let's run through some of the delightful custom projects we've worked on recently!

  • Silly coaster sets are great for workplaces. Each piece in the collection can feature a different colleague and make for a brilliant workday bingo game to lighten the mood.
  • Our cosy blankets are luxuriously soft and snuggly and an excellent way to keep your memories fresh if you don't get to see a parent or family member as often as you'd like! And, with a full size, crisp resolution print of yourself, they won't forget you in a hurry.
  • Printed posters are ideal for kids and teenagers and easy to roll up for storage or reposition if they're keen on a change of decor. Printing a goofy capture of their closest friends or first childhood play date is both fun and touching and will be sure to have pride of place.

So there you have it, a rundown of some of our popular gift suggestions, which we hope inspires you to design a special gift, even for the most challenging people to buy for!

For more ideas and to explore the huge range of customised canvas prints and home accessories we create, please visit the Personal Canvas Prints website and let's see what we can design together.

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