Tips To Get The Best Custom Photo Prints

Tips To Get The Best Custom Photo Prints

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Printing your photos at home is one of the most challenging things. If you love fine art, you want to decorate your home with some of the best quality canvas prints or photo canvases. 

If you want to make many photos to hang on the photo wall, you want to ensure you are using the right printer, getting the right resolution, and using the right material.  

You may need a printer larger than your ordinary home printer if you need a larger print for that pet photo. That is why it is important to consult professionals for this job. 

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A personalised canvas prints shop will make your work easy and more economical.

If you decide to print your canvas photos at home on your own, here are some of the tips you should apply to make work easy for you:

1 – Calibrate your profile 

If you want to make great prints for your home, you should first ensure you calibrate your profile. A profiled display is essential if you want to make great prints and do some editing at home.

Using a calibration device, you can standardise your monitor's colour and contrast to ensure your photos are clear and of high quality. With the right calibration tool like Spyder3Pro, you can be more confident that all the edits you make on your images will reproduce like you want them to.

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2 – Set the right colour space 

You should set the right colour space to produce the best quality colour prints for your images. Always consider the file size and type you share with your photo lab.

You can find labs that have file-size limits. Other labs only accept TIFFs and JPEG file-type images. You want to ensure the photos you are sharing with your lab are on the right extension, size, and type.

When sharing photos with the lab, you should only share high-resolution photos. This will ensure the canvas photos you obtain are of high quality when printed. Also, you should consider sharing with the lab photos that match the size of a canvas print.

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3 – Order test strips 

If you want to print photos and are unsure which type of paper to use, you can order test strips in advance. You can use photo editing software to bunch up photos into one single big print and use this to compare how the images look on different print papers.

 You can also send a big print with different variations of the same image on a single piece of paper if you are unsure which contrast or brightness will work best for the photo.

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What is a canvas print?

A canvas print is a type of image printed from an inkjet printer onto canvas material. This image print is then stretched onto a photo frame for display. With canvas prints, you can get a beautiful piece of photo transformed from a digital photo being the center of focus in your living room.  

With the improving technology and data preservation techniques, a photo canvas print can last a lifetime, always reminding your family and guests of the lost memories you share together.

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Where can you buy the best quality canvas prints?

Are you looking forward to buying the best quality canvas prints to decorate your home? Look no further than Personal Canvas Prints.

You can share some of your high-resolution photos and we will have your canvas prints custom-made. 

Buying canvas prints online from us is the best you can do – they are economical and reliable. You will have your canvas prints delivered to your home at the earliest.

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