How to Create Incredible Canvas Prints for Creative Kids Bedrooms

How to Create Incredible Canvas Prints for Creative Kids Bedrooms

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Canvas prints are perfect for little one's bedrooms, capturing their sense of personality and inspiring them to dream big!

Designing custom artwork is an excellent activity to get children involved with, where they can explore the creative process and see their ideas brought to life.

But, if you're not a naturally creative person, helping kids come up with a unique pattern, design or style isn't always an easy challenge.

Here we've put together a few ideas to help inspire parents to come up with special artwork ideas and simple ways to use bespoke canvas prints to help your child customise their bedroom into a special place.

 Decide on a Kid's Bedroom Colour Scheme or Theme

The first step is to think about the scheme or overall design of your child's bedroom.

 It doesn't need to be a specific genre, which children rapidly grow out of, but could be more general - think:

  • Spots and stripes
  • Green and nature
  • Underwater
  • Relaxation
  • Bold and colourful

Once you've got a baseline, choosing family prints, editing favourite photos, or selecting a frame for a personalised framed picture or poster print is much easier.

Choosing a Canvas Print Size for Bedroom Spaces

Next, let's consider the space you have available.

Personal Canvas Prints create unique pieces in a huge range of sizes and styles, so your artwork could be:

  • Square
  • Landscape
  • Panoramic
  • 30 x 30 cm
  • 46 x 46 cm

A great concept is to create a smaller canvas and then have the opportunity to add new images and designs as your child grows, so don't worry about filling all of the blank wall space in one go!

Your canvas print should also fit with the size of the room, so a very large empty wall will look fantastic with a bigger canvas, whereas smaller bedrooms might feel dwarfed by oversized artworks.

When you upload an image, graphic or photo to our website, we'll automatically advise on the thickness options for your canvas, which is usually between two and four centimetres, depending on the resolution of the picture and the format of your print.

Exploring Creative Design for Kid's Custom Canvas Prints

Your bespoke prints don't need to be a conventional family photo, and it's great to encourage children to think about what images bring them joy and will make their bedroom a happier place to be!

 There are countless options to choose from:

  • Holiday photos and favourite memories
  • Captures of their siblings, cousins, or best friends
  • Photos of Mum and Dad or other family members
  • Images of pets, animals or places they'd like to visit
  • Inspirational graphics of dreams your child has
  • Lettered images spelling out their name
  • Favourite characters from movies or TV shows

Note that any images you haven't taken yourself must be royalty-free or licensed for personal use, so you're permitted to use them!

One of our favourite projects is to create a new canvas each year for the same child, usually to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion.

They could select their best moment in the last year, or take a new portrait on every birthday, so you have a beautiful record of their life as they grow!

How to Customise Children's Canvas Print Designs

When you've decided on your images, it's time to have fun with the design tools.

 You can select from a vast range of effects, colours and designs through our website, or even play with filters, background, borders and other edits on your mobile app to see what designs your child can come up with.

The Personal Canvas Prints editing tool offers an array of styles, which we'll explain below.

Canvas Print Edge Designs

It's entirely up to your creative imagination how you'd like your canvas to look.

 That could be stretched right up to the edge of the canvas material or could feature a professionally crafted edging strip to give a more traditional picture effect.

 Options include:

  • Folded edge designs, with a slightly darker edging strip replicating the graphic behind it.
  • Mirrored edges reflecting the picture immediately next to the borders of your canvas.
  • Bold black or white edges finishing your canvas off perfectly.

 You can flick through the edge designs and try them all before making a decision.

Canvas Print Colour Effects

The following customisation option offers three simple colour effects.

 If you're looking to edit the photo itself, perhaps sharpening the contrast or making the image brighter, you should adjust this before uploading it to the website.

Original colours mean that our craftspeople will print your exact image with the same colours, shades, tones and textures.

 A black and white canvas print is a classic look and timeless style for older children who want something elegant that won't clash with a busy colour scheme.

Sepia effect canvases work wonderfully on old family photos or lend an authentic edge to modern graphics that instantly look like they've been captured on a Polaroid camera rather than a modern mobile!

 Canvas Print Frame Options

Finally, we offer a range of premium frames, again depending on the resolution of your photo.

 Our advice always starts with analysing the quality of the graphic, as some images won't work well with particular formatting.

 For example, you shouldn't customise a lower resolution onto a large canvas since it will lose clarity, and it'll work far better on a more petite canvas frame.

 If you're looking for a modern premium frame, options include simple black, white, chocolate or no frame if you're happy with the gallery-style canvas print look.

 We hope these ideas help you decide on the best designs for your child's canvas prints and that they have fun experimenting with the formatting options to arrive at a design that is all their own!

 There is no right or wrong way to create a custom canvas print, and the joy of the process and choosing between special memories is a fantastic way to engage with kids interested in putting their stamp on their bedroom.

 Please visit Personal Canvas Prints to try all of the tools mentioned here.

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