Acrylic Prints Vs Canvas Prints

Acrylic Prints Vs Canvas Prints

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You want to revisit your childhood or commemorate your college days with some high-quality photos, acrylic and canvas prints that can make it work for you. 

Canvas prints and acrylic prints are the best you can have if you are looking forward to refreshing memories or changing the mood in your living space. You can cherish your photos and add décor to your living room, bedroom, and dining.

Whichever room you choose to put either canvas or acrylic prints, you can be certain you’ll get the right appeal you’ve been looking for. Now, if you are having a hard time choosing between canvas prints and acrylic prints, you are at the right place. 

Here is all you should know about these two photo or image prints for your home.

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is a type of image that has been printed on some scratch-resistant canvas and smoothly stretched onto a frame. In making canvas prints, the most common method used is gallery wrapping. 

In this technique, an image is usually wrapped over the frame, which adds more personality, aesthetics, and professionalism to the finishing of the canvas prints. Although canvas prints can also be printed, this remains one of the most common methods of making them.

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What is an Acrylic Print?

There are two ways of making acrylic prints. The first method is called the face amount, where the image is usually printed onto a photographic sheet of paper which is then placed on a photographic sheet and then put right between two acrylic sheets, back, and front.  

The back is potentially black, while the front is more transparent – this is based on the style you select for your images. The photo print is sprayed into the air before it is sealed. This is done to ensure the image remains clean from any speck of dust. 

In the second method, you simply grab your photo and then mount it onto the acrylic and follow by sealing it with a solid back coating by using an expensive printer.  

The two methods used in making prints will usually give your photos or images a visual depth that will catch your visitors’ eyes. It is advisable that you only work with a printer used to the materials you are using if you want high-quality and straightforward canvas prints and acrylic prints.

What Is The Difference Between Canvas Prints And Acrylic Prints?


The difference between canvas and acrylic prints is right in the construction. As mentioned earlier, there are two methods of making acrylic prints. The first method involves printing the image directly onto the Acrylic and the second method involves printing the image onto paper and then sandwiching it behind the acrylic print.

A canvas print is made by simply printing a photo directly onto a canvas. It is then stretched and secured on a wooden frame. You are always free to choose the images you want to print to give your living space some mood.

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Colour Sharpness 

The difference between acrylic paints and canvas prints is also in the colour sharpness. When it comes to colour sharpness to enhance image vibrancy, acrylic prints offer an advantage over canvas prints. This is supported by the reflective surface of the acrylic prints.  

The colour sharpens in acrylic prints also limit the amount of light passing through the print's surface. This ensures that the image on your wall retains its sharpness when viewing it from all the sides of the print.

With canvas prints, the printing will mainly focus more on adding colour so that the images can achieve the best colour coverage. This is the only way that printers can ensure that the image they are dealing with is never lost.

Durability and Strength 

Another difference between acrylic paints and canvas prints is right in their lifespan. Both canvas and acrylic prints are laminated with UV protection to ensure that the surface of the prints remains protected from scratches and bumps as you relocate the images around your office and house. 

It also protects the prints from water damage and allows it to remain clean even when you clean them with a damp cloth. Canvas prints can last up to 70 years because of the robustness of the material used and its kind of surface treatment. 

Acrylic prints may last longer than canvas prints because of the nature printing process and acrylic prints, on the other hand. 

Acrylic prints have a strong surface which ensures they remain resistant to scratches and breaks, while they are still lighter to carry around your house with ease. This print is also moisture-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth without compromising the quality.

Whichever material you choose, both are a suitable option for image protection and ensuring your images last longer.

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When comparing Acrylic and canvas prints based on uniqueness, Acrylic will automatically take the day. There is not much contest on the uniqueness of these two types of prints. If you are looking for a unique print, Acrylic is the best option you have in the market.  

Most photographers looking for prints that will stand out will always opt for the acrylic presentation of their client photos. Although the appearance is a matter of taste and preference, acrylic prints are more impressive. 

With acrylic paints, you get a vibrant and contemporary look that looks terrific on some modern decors. A canvas print provides you with a more vintage or old-fashioned look. However, canvas prints can work in the modern décor also to bring out the glamour and class you are always looking for.

Final Thoughts 

There is a big difference between canvas prints and acrylic prints. The difference is in the construction, appearance, design, transportability, and price. 

If you are looking for prints that will last longer and stand out from the crowd, you can always opt for acrylic prints. 

You can go for canvas prints if you are shopping on a budget and you need some prints that are not hectic to carry around. Canvas prints are easy to move, and that saves you time.

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