Your Canvas print in the making 

Welcome to Personal canvas prints. we specialise in making canvas prints and also work with other materials like eco solvent inks and poster materials to be on of the best online printing companies around. We take pride in not only our products but take pride in the customer service making sure that you the customer gets the best possible product and canvas photo print possible for you to enjoy for years to come.


Here is a summary of the Order process with us from start to finish when using us for your canvas printing and poster printing needs.


Step 1: Once you have browsed our website and selected the product or canvas print size you want to go with you with them upload the photo through our order process and then once the order is complete your photo/s and order will come through direct to our order channel were we will have all your details and requirements to make your work of art.


Step 2: we then use our top of the range large format printers to print your photos onto high quality materials. canvas is just one of the materials we use. we also use water proof wallpaper materials as we have new products on our website now to keep up with the demand of the ever changing taste in the wall art world we live in. Wall murals is something we believe would be a very special thing to have in any persons home, wall murals canvas prints, and of course posters is something we love dearly and we use our large format printers and top of the range inks to product a perfect print from your photo.


Step 3: Once we have your canvas print made we then take the canvas and lay flat on a work space/table. we then take Europe’s best type of stretcher bar frames and make the required size frame needed for your canvas print. We stock many different sizes, we have 18mm deep frames and also 38mm deep gallery style frames, both of which look great for canvas prints.


Step 4: We then stretch your canvas print over a the stretcher bar wooden frame and staple down with top quality staples to ensure a perfect stretch and making sure that the canvas is secure properly to the wooden frame. With posters and wall murals we make sure that there are protected properly first and then put them in a tube ready for the shipping stage.


Step 5: once your product and order is ready for shipping we will package properly with cardboard or postal wrap and the ship with your chosen courier.


Step 6: the item is then delivered to your door safely were a signature is required and then it’s ready for you to unwrap and see the amazing canvas printing artwork that you have always wanted.