Artwork to Canvas prints! The Nordic look

Published : 02/12/2018 16:48:02
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Artwork to Canvas prints! The Nordic look

Scandinavian and Nordic décor is and has always been an iconic look in and around the home. This look has been used for and with top designers such as Edvard Munch who is arguably one of the best knows Norwegian Painters of all time.

The Scandinavian look is all about being in a functional state but also stylish clean lines are seen all around. It’s a way of being Organised but modern at the same time. When it comes to wall décor it can be tricky depending on the look you want to achieve. Picture frames are always a good example of being able to keep the clean lines look going, whilst filling that particular room with life. Minimalistic colours like greys and blacks are also a very popular look with Scandinavian art.

The origian of The Nordic look

The Nordic look originated in the 1940,s through different design exhibitions through Milan. It then went on to slowly grow until the 90,s when it exploded as many designers decided to use it more in bold looking larger pieces like furniture for in the home. It really does seem to be an amazing look for us in this modern age.

Canvas printing artwork for the Nordic look.

If you are looking to achieve a sleek and stylish Scandinavian look then look no further. If you’re excited to find out how to achieve this then start with the basics. This look is all about keeping it lightly coloured along with a subtle front. You can have canvas prints made up for wall decoration with all different types of photos or artwork printed. You can go for any colour when picking your colour theme, so long as the colours are very faint and subtle, you’re on your way to making a room look like it was made by a Scandinavian designer.

A real popular colour would be Black; it’s a colour you cant go wrong with. But you could add the odd colour pop if you decide that the room looks a little bleak for you. This is the beauty of this type of decoration as you can start with the weaker lighter colour and build different layers if you feel its needed.



Fine lines go a long way!

The best type of wall decoration products for the stylish Nordic look are listed below.

Canvas prints

Aluminium prints

Picture frames

Floater frames

Wood prints

If you select any of the above then you will be able to make this amazing look for your home. You will stand out from the crowd, be a little different yet you will be modern at the same time. There’s not many different looks that can claim so many statements in the interior design world.


Lighting in your home

If you’re looking to go all out with the Nordic look then you really need to be focusing on the lighting. Ideally natural light is the best type of light for this look. Big windows or sky lights are very useful at bring your look to life. It will also make the room feel and seem a lot bigger also.

One other useful tip would be your shelving and Scandi homes tend to have lots of open shelving with stylish picture frames or a canvas print in view sitting at an angle so it appears it looks like it’s about to be hung up. That is also another cool look to adapt whilst tacking this awesome look.

Let us know your thoughts and comments’ below. It would be interesting to see how your own projects are coming along and to see if you could offer any useful tips.

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