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Published : 11/20/2017 15:09:16
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Time to get messy with the little ones, creating their own artwork
to be printed on to canvas print. All you need is some old clothes,
paintbrushes, paint, and paper, be prepared for mess, cover the
table with an old cloth or sheet.

What a great way to produce canvas print artwork for your home,
bedroom or gift's for the Grandparents.

Painting is enjoyable for all ages, especially for younger kids who
learn so many skills from using a paintbrush and a mixture of paint.

Grasping the paintbrush helps strengthen hand muscles
eye coordination
preparer’s them for writing
they can express their emotions/feelings with or without words
and the getting messy part the most enjoyable
your child can feel and gain lots of confidence
ask your child what they are painting, it is a delight to see their
perception of the world and objects around them
creating their own artwork/gift
they love the feeling when smearing the paint with their little
The little artists were very happy and content with a variety of
brushes to hand, plenty of paint to mix and smear. I did not give
them any direction of what to paint or intervene with their
masterpieces. I love this approach. With a couple of hours away from
the cleaning and other tasks. I really enjoy watching them.

Covered in paint and as happy as can be, with many masterpieces.
Time to let them all dry. A variety of brush strokes, colours, dots,
and dabs. Then to decide which pieces we will use to be printed on
to the canvas and framed for Grandma's Christmas gift.

This is so fun and enjoyable, spending time with your kids at this
age creating beautiful memories and to understand they are soaking
up all the new skills.

Take some time out with your little ones, make lots of mess,
memories and create beautiful artwork.

upload your artwork to be printed on to the canvas and framed for

that special gift.

Upload your photo here

The canvas prints are a great compliment to your kid's bedroom/playroom.
why stop at one? Clusters of canvas prints look lovely hung on your
feature wall.

Do you spend a few craft and paint hours with your children?
What do you enjoy the most?
How have you reproduced your children's artwork and hung around your

I would love to hear your ideas.


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