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Published : 10/13/2017 16:05:17
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Walls looking slightly bare, wondering about those memorable days in the summer, picture after picture, your phone memory is full.

Deleting all those photo’s is not an option. Printing a handful of photo’s and have them supplied in a frame to compliment your acquired interior is just one of the way’s to refresh your home.

You don’t need Huge amounts of cash to make your home stylish, just a little creativity…

Great idea when cash flow is low.

Upload your photo’s below, have them printed and supplied in a frame of your choice, then delivered to your home.

Picture frames

Did you know?

  • London homeowners spend an average of £5,000 per year on decorating their homes and purchasing home accessories
  • 60% of the UK buy new
  • The kitchen ranks first place priority for decor, bedroom second and kids room third.

house pic

Just moved home? which room to decorate first? bare shell?

Many people do not know what decorating styles they like. They struggle to articulate their preferences.

To find out what colours and styles best suit you, have a browse online at the photo’s on save the photo’s that pop out to you.

I would say you need a dozen or so photo’s. What colours, patterns and furnishing styles are collecting together in your collaboration.

colour charthome colour

Next-room dimensions, keep in mind will this space be used everyday? occasional? the ceiling height? windows, is the room dark or bright and airy?


BUDGET, which room will you be spending the most time in? spend the most of this room. After a long day it is nice to spend time in this area, the other rooms to follow when you have more cash flow available.

Accept home accessories/ furnishings for Christmas gifts, this is definitely one way to get your home looking great!

Rental property looking for the more plain furnishing can be a bore, but also a positive decision, you can still have fun shopping around for interior accessories, huge pieces of artwork are a perfect addition to your home. have flash sales on a regular basis, so much choice.

Wayfair home and living

One room at a time is the way forward, purchasing random accessories for many rooms will certainly put you off track, i’m not saying don’t accept that beautiful old dresser off Great Auntie Margaret. Put all of your love and time in to one room, you will be thankful.


Have you recently moved home, started a renovation project? not sure where to start?

Which websites did you find inspirational when it comes to home decor?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Please comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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